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Mike and Lydia met in 1997 when Lydia's father opened a 180 seat brewpub during a mid-life crisis. Lydia had just graduated from the University of Michigan with Bachelors degrees in psychology and comparative literature, so was, naturally, unemployable in any other field except bar tending. Mike had just been hired by Lydia's father as the sous-chef. When Lydia's dad introduced her to Mike, she knew that she had just met someone who would change the course of her life. That was April. Mike finally got the courage to ask Lydia out on a date in June, and they were married three years later.

Mike and Lydia have been dreaming of restaurant ownership since they met: They wrote their first business plan in 2000. It only took eighteen years to make the dream a reality, and they are excited, terrified, honored and awed to be able to create the kind of space they have envisioned and share it with the Oconomowoc community. 


Mike and Lydia believe in keeping things simple, cooking from scratch, leading by example, and living honestly. They believe that supporting local business and local agriculture keeps communities healthy and strong, and they want to do their part to contribute to their community and the greater good. The best way they know how is through food and hospitality. They welcome you to Sobie's and hope you will have a uniquely excellent dining experience. 


Sobie's aims to  protect the environment and support the local economy through farm to table initiatives.


We strive to provide a community gathering place where you are an honored guest.

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